What Drugs were like in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

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Egypt and Mesopotamia were the forerunners of human civilization. These two places acted as the cradle of humanity and created the parameters of how to be a proper human for the world to follow. So, when we talk about civilization, what are the key components of beginning one?

Well, you need agriculture, systematic residence to accommodate a large population, art and education to define culture, social boundaries and expectations and last but not the least narcotics!

Yes, narcotics! Welcome, today at Nutty History we are going to tell you all about the use and abuse of Narcotics in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Sit back and strap in, this is going to be a trippy ride!


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0:42 The Ancient Walter White and Jesse
3:12 Cannabis in Egypt and Mesopotamia
5:14 Opium a Drug for Ages
8:07 Blue Lotus was not a Slang


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😳 More CREEPY things that were normal:


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